Electric Blue & Catnip

Alexi, a Japanese music composer and pianist, heads to New York to work on a new project, while he sorts out his issues with public appearances and stage fright. When he meets Joshua Randolph, he finds himself wanting to find out if there is more to life than music.

Alexander ‘Alexi’ Kotaru is facing a crippling crisis. He can’t stand on stage without panicking and his career depends on a flawless performance. His agent and manager decide to send him to New York hoping that a quiet environment will bring back his confidence. Problem is, he has invited his ex-boyfriend to stay with him. No one likes Adrian Rosen, but Alexi won’t listen to anyone. He believes Adrian is the only one who can get him back to his old self.

Joshua Randolph is a Professor at the University of New York. He is a man facing a lonely summer ahead. His youngest sister gets married and moves out of his house. His Teaching Assistant graduates and leaves New York. The only thing he has to look forward to is a summer spend doing research. Until he saves a young Japanese man in the park from a runaway statue.

Joshua and Alexi spent a stunning summer together. But as summer ends, can they hope for a future together?

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