A Haunted Love



Hideki Takada’s life is in danger. Kazuma Daiko tortures himself with guilt over the death of his last charge.  Can Kazuma protect Hideki when it matters most?

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A Rescued Life

Driving on a dark road, Jason Stone is surprised when a mysterious man stumbles ontorescued-life the road. Afraid he’s hit the man with his car, Jason stops his car and rushes to the rescue. He is shocked to find a dagger lodged in the man’s stomach. Jason rushes the young man to hospital, and instead of leaving, Jason finds himself drawn to the young Asian stranger.

Toshiro Shindo is a man betrayed. When he wakes up in a hospital bed, his first instinct is escape then revenge. But kind green eyes distract him enough to wonder what life with Jason Stone would look like.

These two men must find the courage to keep their love, in the face of Toshiro’s deadly past.

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A Healing Heart

Talin focuses on work, barely giving anythihealing-heart-cover1ng else attention. One encounter in his club’s parking lot drags him out of his dull life. Dimitri has watched Talin for so long, when Talin storms into his workshop, Dimitri decides he won’t stay in the sidelines any longer. He wants Talin for life.

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