Five Favorites about the Assassin

May is swinging by to the end and I am delighted to discuss one of Sui’s upcoming e-books.  The Assassin is not yet available as an e-book, although if you search it out, you can find it to read on GA.  I’ve had the privilege of reading this story, so here is a list of my favorites about The Assassin.

  1. I’m in love with Kian Raja – He is dangerous, handsome, and makes my heart ache I'm Your Assassinas he does not believe he deserves anything good that happens to him.  He loves strawberry milkshake, coffee and a certain man with dreadlocks.  He is breathtaking.
  2. Daven Noland is a doctor who has gone to the darkest depths in strange corners of the world and come back braver.  One of Kian’s friends calls him a man with a bleeding heart.  I love how he loves, without any reservations and that’s the best thing you can hope for in life.
  3. The Assassin sweeps you across the globe, city to incredible city.  Daven and Kian’s time in Amsterdam remains my most favorite as it is both beautiful and heartbreaking, which is all I look for in a story.
  4. The Action! Kian is badass.  If I was in trouble, and needed a rescue, he would be the guy I would seek out.  Of course, you have to make him care about you first to get him to move a finger, but once you do, he will take a bullet for you.
  5. Diversity – Sui does an incredible job of mixing cultures in her stories, but with The Assassin, she’s gone ahead and created such a great cast of characters.  I love multi-culture stories, and the great melting pot they create.  It paints a world that is fundamentally about accepting who people love, and not where people are from, or what they are.  The Assassin does that without much thought.

Sui is at hard work editing The Assassin.  It should be available to download on Smashwords in June.  Meanwhile, enjoy this cover, and a great Daven and Kian scene.

The Assassinexcerpt from The Assassin

Daven cleaned Kian’s wound, concentrating on removing dirt from the raw skin to prevent infection.  He used warm cotton balls, at times forced to scrub at stubborn bits.  Kian made no sound through the process: no groan, no wince, and no sense of discomfort.  Daven stared at the pile of dirty cotton balls on the napkin on the sink.  By now, any patient would have cursed him out, or cried out for him to end the torture.

That level of control should have disturbed him.  Instead, it reminded him of Musimbi.  The young man he met in Dadaab.  Musimbi was fearless, immune to pain, his heart hardened by a lifetime of hardship and political wars.  Daven first met Musimbi on a field trip on the outskirts of the camp.  The first vehicle in the security convoy went up in a bomb explosion and despite protests from the security officers in his vehicle, Daven jumped out and rushed to help any survivors.

Musimbi appeared out of nowhere, clutching a young woman with blood trailing down her face.  ‘Help her’, Musimbi told him, his voice bereft of emotion.  Daven remembered wondering who the woman was to Musimbi.  He should have seen through Musimbi in that moment.  Seen the cruelty behind those eyes, instead, Daven only saw the wounded woman.

Daven sighed and applied ointment on Kian’s bruised skin.  Placing clean pads over the wound, he taped them into place with care.

“We’ll need to keep checking on it,” Daven said.  “Taking a shower will sting, but you don’t have to worry about that for the next few hours.”

Daven smoothed his palm over Kian’s shoulder.

“Thank you,” Kian said, bending to pick up his t-shirt.  He wore it in one swift shrug and remained seated on the toilet seat.

Daven washed his hands and disposed off the dirty cotton balls, wrapping them with napkins and throwing them in the trash.  He closed the first aid box, and stared at Kian’s bent head.  Kian’s silky straight black hair called to his fingers.

Daven frowned.

“I want to trust you,” Daven stated.

Kian remained silent.

“You confuse me,” Daven continued, leaning on the little sink.  “One minute you’re pointing guns at me, pulling the trigger, the next you save me.  You get hurt in the name of protecting my profession.  I can’t read you, Kian.”

“You’re not meant to.  I’m well trained, that’s all you should care about.  Keeping you functional is a plus for me.  Any minute wasted worrying about your health, be they your hands or other injuries, delays us.  It makes handling you difficult.”

“Handling me?” Daven frowned at the sting growing in his heart.  “I’m not a sack of potatoes—

“You are a target, one I need to keep moving.”

Kian got up from the toilet seat.

The space between them disappeared, and Daven met startling brown eyes.

“Trust is not easy,” Kian said.  “Still, I only tell you the truth.  There is nothing to read with me, Daven.  It will benefit you to think of me as walking armor to get you to your destination.”

Kian opened the bathroom door.

“Try and sleep,” Kian advised.  “Who knows what we’ll meet in Europe.”

Daven stared at the open door.  Kian’s little tirade stinging more than he dared confess.  Here he was, trying to connect.

What the hell?

Handling, Daven scoffed.  As if!

Enjoy your May!

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Book Cover Surprise

Today is Sunday, and as always, most of Sunday mornings, you’ll find me at my desk.  So, today, I’m deep in the mind of Koji from Seiryu Spirit, and sudden inspiration strikes in the form of a book cover.

I get excited every time my favorite person designs a cover and it matches the story.  So, I have this story we call Hitokiri (The Assassin).  I finished it sometime last year, and I’ve just been sitting on it, not really editing it.  Though I love those characters dearly.  L, who makes most of my covers attacked this morning with the cover for Hitokiri, and now, I feel I need to edit it, turn it into an ebook and that’s just a lot more work, but okay.  I’m for it.


I’ve decided to attack you too with Hitokiri’s cover and hopefully the next little e-book I make. Okay, it’s a definite, I’ve been asked to stop saying hopefully and be definite, so here is the definite next e-book coming your way.

The Assassin

May you have an amazing Sunday!

Always You – Shorts by Sui

Happy February!

It’s good to celebrate small milestones! This year, I’m determined to give my writing the attention it deserves, no matter what! And so far, I’ve managed to upload three short stories onto smashwords.  They are oldies, (meaning, they were written before) but they never had e-books before.  I couldn’t seem to find the time before to upload them.  Now, I’m glad that this is done.

Always You2This last short – Always You, Only You, is a story that came to be because of a close friend.  I struggled with the ending, yep, this happens at times.  There are those endings that just won’t come easily.  However, no matter how much I read through it, these two characters, Miki and Shin, just won’t have it any other way.  Oh well, enjoy this little departure from my usual endings.

February comes with new goals.  I hope to write a new story for valentine’s day this year.  I’m in the mood for romance, and I hope you are too!

On a side note, here is a pride of lions to make you smile.  Family runs strong here.  10376279_786371224756058_8538788702431511340_nHehehe, went on a safari adventure and ran into these guys! Whoa! Exciting and exhilarating! They truly bring life into perspective.

Have a fabulous weekend,



Shorts by Sui – The Unexpected Gift

Mid-January! The year is fifteen days old.  I hope you have done at least one exciting thing.  You just need the one to get started, then the second one comes easier.

unexpectedFrom my desk, here is another short story e-book to read called The Unexpected Gift of Love- Anthology.  Two stories in one. The Unexpected Gift of Love came to be because of a prompt response from  I post some of my work-in-progress stories on this site and it has become an invaluable writing resource over the years.  Check it out sometime.

Back to the story, Ren Hill faces a personal betrayal that breaks his family in half.  He must find a way to move ahead and protect his teenage twins from heartbreak.  Ryan, who has always liked Ren, has the hard job of convincing Ren to give him a chance.

The Unexpected Gift of Love was a look at divorce and the impact it can have.  I think that commitment is such an important aspect in relationships, it requires effort, and sometimes that effort just fails. What a disappointment that turns into!  Do check out this little story.

You’ll find a shorter bonus story in this e-book called Monday Evenings, Thursday Dinner and Sunday Afternoon.  The cutest, funnest story, I love it.  It makes me smile, I hope it does you.  Do you ever have days when, after you fight with your friend, your boyfriend, your partner…family, you spend your time thinking the worst of the situation?  You walk around continuing the fight in your head, it escalates to great levels and when you meet the person you were fighting with later, your anger sort of dissipates.  And you wonder, why were you so pissed?  Well, this story is about that kind of situation.  Reed and Kristos have a fight and….go read it!

Alright, I hope your January is going well, that it’s fantastic, and only good things are coming to you.

Download this new e-book on Smashwords, for Free!

Look out for the last of this Shorts by Sui Last week of January.

Story Shorts – Little Stories that Make you Smile

Happy New Year!

I hope the year has started with good vibes for you.  I’m also sending you good vibes, right now.  2018 is here, 2 years to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Strange thing to remember, but I’m actually looking forward to that.

January should be celebrated.  There are so many fresh new starts.  You can do anything in January.  For me, I’m greeting you with a Short Story, neatly compiled into an e-book for your enjoyment.  I hope you enjoy it!

The title of this short story is ‘Do You Know?‘.  This is a story about Saki Masashi, a Tokyo University art student, in his final year.  His powerful older brother suddenly pulls him out of Tokyo Uni., and sends him to the U.S. to enroll into Alexander University.  Saki has had to deal with his older brother treating him this way all his life.  In response to his brother’s cold shoulder attitude, Saki decides to fill his life with warm, memorable moments.

I loved writing this story because it was about seeking out those moments in life that make you happy.  Smiles can come from things, (nothing feels right unless I have coffee from my favorite chipped mug) activities, (I garden to find my smiles when they disappear), and people.  I’m sure there are those people who fill you up with warmth, just by them calling you or sending you a message to ask about soy sauce. (Hehehe)

Do download it, it’s available for free here: Smashwords 

Look out for more of these short stories this month.



A Haunted Love

A Haunted Love

Hideki ‘Hyde’ Takada’s life is in danger, but what else is new? He has learned to adapt to a-haunted-lovea life in constant danger. His heart closed off to all, including his best friend, Haru, who has been in love with Hideki for ages. When Hideki’s father reaches out to an old friend for help, Kazuma Daiko is tagged as the best bodyguard in the industry. Kazuma soon joins Hideki’s security detail, and the shell around Hideki’s heart starts to thaw.

Kazuma Daiko tortures himself with guilt over the death of his last charge. He has refused any close contact assignments since, and is not sure he can take on the task of protecting Hideki. But when he sees Hideki Takada for the first time, the strong pull between them, keeps Kazuma holding on to the assignment. Can Kazuma protect Hideki when it matters most? Will his love for Hideki protect them both from a deeper betrayal?

  • This book is now available for download on Smashwords.  Get it Free!