A Haunted Love

A Haunted Love Hideki ‘Hyde’ Takada’s life is in danger, but what else is new? He has learned to adapt to a life in constant danger. His heart closed off to all, including his best friend, Haru, who has been in love with Hideki for ages. When Hideki’s father reaches out to an old friend…Read more »

Chuseok Love This Year

You can’t say thanksgiving (chuseok) without mentioning family.  This year I find myself viewing the word family in a different perspective, a non-traditional way.  My friend, Moon, says that with each year we grow older, but also more clearer on things.   What I know today, will definitely change next year, or be more refined.  I’ve…Read more »

A Trio Again – The Peanut Gallery

And, we’re Back! I bet you have no idea who we are, but when Sui first started writing….four years ago?…No, I think it has been five years now, since 2012.  Hold on while I lose my marbles.  Five Years! Stupendous!  We are Sui’s peanut gallery, and would push her into writing and posting because she was…Read more »