Words do turn into WMDs

There are moments when a single word is more powerful than an action.  One word can send you catapulting into the ether, throwing off events in a day, ruining a perfectly harmonious dinner party, cracking a heart into pieces…

No thinking too much, just Smell the Cherry Blossoms

One word, it seems, can make or destroy.

This I’ve come to experience of late, and it has turned into a humbling? Or should I say educative moment in life.

Do you know there are people in your life, no matter what they say, you find yourself analyzing their every word.  Why did he/she say that?  What is she/he thinking?  How does it relate to me?  Goodness is this self-centered or what? But seriously, what did they mean?  This is the endless cycle of questions that leads to insanity.  Perhaps, the education here is to take statements at face value.  Not to overthink what is not stated, but…truthfully, this is really hard to do.

So, is this overthinking situations, words, and over analyzing people a woman thing? Or is it the result of having an over-creative mind? Could be both, in which case, this writer continues to learn the hard way.

All I have managed to realize is that I need to check my thoughts, my own words, because I might be over judging scenarios and turning them into mountains when they’re only pebbles on a path.

Works – in – Progress

Good news is, I’ve been writing, challenging news is that I have yet to turn completed work into downloadable e-books.  Will work on that this coming June as free time is on my way.  Look forward to these WiPs.

Always You, Only You

A Haunted Love

And a short Anthology of stories.



Author: Suilan

Sui writes romance and loves watching Kdrama. She makes great masala tea, if you get her on a good day. Loves anything to do with the sun and writing.

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