Sunday Fun- Friends & Lovers

Sundays are beautiful and bittersweet.  Sunday morning hours are always the best part of the week.  Our morning was rainy today, and I say ‘our’ because the house is  full of people.  Friends and Lovers, staying the weekend, looking for adventure in my corner of the world.

Spent most of my morning reading, enjoying the sun coming up, with rain mixed in.  The blankets felt warm and the cat snuggled up right in there, it was perfect.  Then the horde woke up, and suddenly it’s a frenzy of making breakfast, brewing coffee, slicing fruits…randy jokes from the Lovers.  Gotta love the lovers, they spice up the morning with kisses.  The rest of us tease them, but they don’t seem to mind it. I love that they’re all in the kitchen, making my day.

Then it’s out in the garden for all of us.  After a busy week, just sitting outside, enjoying the sun after a refreshing rain and arguing over who is going to cook the turnips for lunch, I feel like this is heaven.


Author: Suilan

Sui writes romance and loves watching Kdrama. She makes great masala tea, if you get her on a good day. Loves anything to do with the sun and writing.

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