Words do turn into WMDs

There are moments when a single word is more powerful than an action.  One word can send you catapulting into the ether, throwing off events in a day, ruining a perfectly harmonious dinner party, cracking a heart into pieces…

No thinking too much, just Smell the Cherry Blossoms

One word, it seems, can make or destroy.

This I’ve come to experience of late, and it has turned into a humbling? Or should I say educative moment in life.

Do you know there are people in your life, no matter what they say, you find yourself analyzing their every word.  Why did he/she say that?  What is she/he thinking?  How does it relate to me?  Goodness is this self-centered or what? But seriously, what did they mean?  This is the endless cycle of questions that leads to insanity.  Perhaps, the education here is to take statements at face value.  Not to overthink what is not stated, but…truthfully, this is really hard to do.

So, is this overthinking situations, words, and over analyzing people a woman thing? Or is it the result of having an over-creative mind? Could be both, in which case, this writer continues to learn the hard way.

All I have managed to realize is that I need to check my thoughts, my own words, because I might be over judging scenarios and turning them into mountains when they’re only pebbles on a path.

Works – in – Progress

Good news is, I’ve been writing, challenging news is that I have yet to turn completed work into downloadable e-books.  Will work on that this coming June as free time is on my way.  Look forward to these WiPs.

Always You, Only You

A Haunted Love

And a short Anthology of stories.


Sunday Fun- Friends & Lovers

Sundays are beautiful and bittersweet.  Sunday morning hours are always the best part of the week.  Our morning was rainy today, and I say ‘our’ because the house is  full of people.  Friends and Lovers, staying the weekend, looking for adventure in my corner of the world.

Spent most of my morning reading, enjoying the sun coming up, with rain mixed in.  The blankets felt warm and the cat snuggled up right in there, it was perfect.  Then the horde woke up, and suddenly it’s a frenzy of making breakfast, brewing coffee, slicing fruits…randy jokes from the Lovers.  Gotta love the lovers, they spice up the morning with kisses.  The rest of us tease them, but they don’t seem to mind it. I love that they’re all in the kitchen, making my day.

Then it’s out in the garden for all of us.  After a busy week, just sitting outside, enjoying the sun after a refreshing rain and arguing over who is going to cook the turnips for lunch, I feel like this is heaven.

Magic Hour

It’s a Thursday morning, sitting at my desk, looking at a work day spent writing. Some four to five hours.  I often work with music on, and as I’m on a great One Ok Rock binge, their song Hard to Love comes on and nostalgia sets in.

You know they hit the lyrics right when they have your mind wandering on a trip.  This song has me thinking of my Dad.  My Dad remains this great mysterious man in my memory.  I can only imagine what he thought of me, as he died when I was too young to comprehend much about life.  I often imagine he’d have given me advice like in this song when I think of him.

A hard-working man, who loved his family and did what he could to create a future for us.  This picture is different depending with who you talk to, but for me, it really never changes.  In my memory, he is firmly a super hero who I know I will always look up to.

Full of nostalgia feels, magic hour takes over as I plan the next part of a story taking shape.  The beauty of fiction is that it can take you places you never expected to be.

A Haunted Love



Hideki Takada’s life is in danger. Kazuma Daiko tortures himself with guilt over the death of his last charge.  Can Kazuma protect Hideki when it matters most?

Coming soon.

A Rescued Life

Driving on a dark road, Jason Stone is surprised when a mysterious man stumbles ontorescued-life the road. Afraid he’s hit the man with his car, Jason stops his car and rushes to the rescue. He is shocked to find a dagger lodged in the man’s stomach. Jason rushes the young man to hospital, and instead of leaving, Jason finds himself drawn to the young Asian stranger.

Toshiro Shindo is a man betrayed. When he wakes up in a hospital bed, his first instinct is escape then revenge. But kind green eyes distract him enough to wonder what life with Jason Stone would look like.

These two men must find the courage to keep their love, in the face of Toshiro’s deadly past.

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A Healing Heart

Talin focuses on work, barely giving anythihealing-heart-cover1ng else attention. One encounter in his club’s parking lot drags him out of his dull life. Dimitri has watched Talin for so long, when Talin storms into his workshop, Dimitri decides he won’t stay in the sidelines any longer. He wants Talin for life.

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