Chuseok Love This Year

You can’t say thanksgiving (chuseok) without mentioning family.  This year I find myself viewing the word family in a different perspective, a non-traditional way.  My friend, Moon, says that with each year we grow older, but also more clearer on things.   What I know today, will definitely change next year, or be more refined.  I’ve…Read more »

A Trio Again – The Peanut Gallery

And, we’re Back! I bet you have no idea who we are, but when Sui first started writing….four years ago?…No, I think it has been five years now, since 2012.  Hold on while I lose my marbles.  Five Years! Stupendous!  We are Sui’s peanut gallery, and would push her into writing and posting because she was…Read more »

Words do turn into WMDs

There are moments when a single word is more powerful than an action.  One word can send you catapulting into the ether, throwing off events in a day, ruining a perfectly harmonious dinner party, cracking a heart into pieces… One word, it seems, can make or destroy. This I’ve come to experience of late, and…Read more »